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Clay Shooting

Wobble Ring

"Festina Lente" Latin for: "Make Haste - Slowly"


And that is exactly what this course makes you do.  This is a challenging course that combines the sport of trap and Helice.  The shooter stands 25 yards behind a wobble trap machine that throws the target side to side, at different heights, and different angles.  And if that wasn't hard enough there is a 3' fence at 50 yards.  You must break the target on the inside of the fence.   If any part of the target falls on the inside of the fence it counts as a hit.  If the target is broken on the outside of the fence it counts as a miss. 


This is a 30 bird course.  There are three shooting stations and 10 targets are thrown at each station.You may shoot twice at each target.

Wobble Shooter.jpg

We use Atlas Trap Co. equipment for reliability and consistency at all 3 of our courses. This provides the most shooting time during your visit. 

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