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Pistol Training

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We are blessed to live in a country where we can still personally own a firearm.  It is great to own a firearm for protection but if you cannot shoot well or are not prepared for a life-threatening situation then all the money or guns will not save you.  We provide personal firearms training and provide access to the finest instructors in the country.  Please contact us to join our next pistol training class or your own corporate training event.

Jason Redding is the Owner & Director of Training for Stealth Shooting. Jason is a former Team Sergeant for a full-time SWAT Team with a large municipal police department and a veteran U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant who served as a Team Leader with the Military Police Special Reaction Teams. He has over 25 years of honorable service with both the law enforcement and military communities.


Jason served in various positions to include SWAT Team Leader, SWAT Sniper, SWAT Team Training Officer and Police Firearms Instructor. A certified instructor since 1995, he specialized in Tactical Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine, SWAT Sniper, High Risk Warrant/CQB Tactics, Active Shooter Response, and Live-Fire Shoothouse Operations.


He is a graduate of multiple FBI, NRA, and POST Firearm Instructor Courses. He has an extensive background in both conducting and training others for high-risk operations and encounters.

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