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Some of the most beautiful hunting land you can find. 

The Reserve at Lakeside Farms has managed pine plantations for bird hunting and hardwood stands for deer hunting.  These distinct habitats make it hard to find a prettier setting in the Southeast. 



The Reserve prides itself on quality herd management giving you and your guests the best hunts around. 

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Bird Hunting

Our bird hunting is held from Oct 15th through March each year depending on weather.  We have different setting from the switch grass fields to the thinned pine plantations so we cater to all skill levels and and all hunting situations.  We hunt liberated quail mixed with planted birds to make the experience as natural as possible. 

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Whitetail Hunting

We strive to make the Reserve an archery hunting preserve.  Our whitetail deer hunting consists of a mixture of northern whitetail and southern Alabama Whitetail.  This mixture allows many chances of hunting the deer while in rut from early November to late January.

Exotic Hunting

Exotic hunts at the Reserve consist of Fallow Deer, Blackbuck Deer, and Elk.  They are a challenging hunt when taken with a bow.   They usually run in groups or herds of ten or more, often up to forty.  That is a lot of eyes on you as a hunter.

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