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Clay Shooting

High Course

high course.jpg

"Confrigo to Instruo"

Latin for: "Breaking you down","In order to build you up"



This is the only course of its kind.  Four Atlas clay throwers sit atop 50' concrete poles.  Each pole is set at 80 yards from the opposing one to form a cross. The entire course is high birds to mimmic flying pheasants, ducks and doves.


There are 3 stations positioned at each pole.  10 shots are taken at a combination of single bird, report pairs, and true doubles.  Each round consists of 30 birds or 120 if you shoot at all four poles.  This course has some unique angles and shots that test even the best of shotgun shooters


We use Atlas Trap Co. equipment for reliability and consistency at all 3 of our courses. This provides the most shooting time during your visit. 

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